What is a Drop Test or Impact Attenuation Test?

The Australian Standard: AS 4422:2016 "Playground surfacing - Specifications, requirements and test method" provides the general requirements for surfacing to be used in children's playgrounds and specific requirements for areas where impact energy attenuation is necessary. The test is done using an accelerometer which calculates the critical fall height for a surface.


How can moveable play equipment be best set up?

We recommend the publication from KIDSAFE “ Moveable Play Equipment – A guide for playground owners and educators”, which is a comprehensive guide.  



What hazards should I look for in my playground?


The following is a list of hazards which can help you during your routine inspections of your playground / play space:

  • Contamination in and or mulch eg broken glass, syringes etc
  • Hard surfaces under equipment
  • Sharp edges and pinch points
  • Inadequate falling space/impact area
  • Overcrowded play areas
  • Incorrect and non-compliant playground surfacing
  • Broken or faulty equipment
  • Badly weathered or worn timber edges
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Overhanging objects
  • Entangling or entrapment hazards
  • High platforms without barriers
  • Inappropriate use of equipment
  • Trip hazards caused by tree roots and raised or damaged edges


What are some of the benefits of a regular and thorough playground inspection program?

  • Reduction in potential playground injuries
  • Effective resource utilisation
  • Efficient planning and budgeting
  • Improved public image and community relations