Playground Inspections



Playground equipment is a valuable asset, both from a monetary and experience points of view, be it situated in a park, school or child care centre.  Using tools developed in house, we offer a routine inspection service, tailored to your needs. 


Operational inspections should be scheduled on a quarterly basis and must include all aspects of a children's playground; identifying risks and hazards, starting from the path leading into the playground to the shade that covers the play equipment.


We inspect each component in a methodical manner, identifying and recording issues.  These include but are not limited to wear and tear, vandalism or damage.


A written report is part of the process.  From this report, the operator / owner of the playground will be able to determine the issues that require urgent attention through to those which are categorised as minor and can be handled at a later date.


Owners and their staff may undertake their own regular inspectors. However, it is of benefit to have an independent experienced inspector look over your playground in case something is overlooked.